Maxsen Group

Advisory Services

  • Syndicating and formation of partnership joint-venture for co-investment opportunities with partners including reputable property developers, institutional investors, and our network of existing clients who are focused in real estate and hotel investment projects
  • Prepare market study and research for the real estate and hotel sectors
  •  Analysing and preparing detailed financial projections and project valuation summaries inclusive of sensitivity analysis and economic research.
  •  Connecting key market participants including banks, financial institutions, insurance company, sovereign funds to assist clients in structuring and securing senior project financing and mezzanine loans.
  • Leveraging on Maxsen Group’s established network and affiliations with service providers including property agents, appraisers, hotel/club operating companies, and lawyers  to deliver holistic value propositions for real estate and hospitality projects.
  • Preparing financial accounts and reporting for investors in accordance with international standard and compliance requirements.
  • Monitoring the development/construction of real estate and hotel projects in coordination with third party consultants and providing regulatory progress reports and recommendation
  • Analyse the market and establish the best strategy and timing to exit investments including direct sale, global listing and financial structuring to monetize and maximise value